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The LHSFNA's Coronavirus & COVID-19 Resources
May 07, 2020
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The LHSFNA's Coronavirus & COVID-19 Resources

The LHSFNA is monitoring all aspects of this pandemic and its potential impact on LIUNA District Councils, Local Unions, health and welfare funds, signatory contractors, members and their families. The materials and recommendations below may be updated as this situation continues to evolve. 

Click the links below to go directly to that page or click an image to download a JPEG or PDF.

Fact Sheets and Guidance Documents

Conducting Workplace COVID-19 Screenings and Assessments [Last updated: 5/5/20]

COVID-19 Workplace Safety & Health Program [Last updated: 5/6/20]

Sample Policy

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COVID-19 Return to Work Guidance for Office Settings [Last updated: 5/4/20]

Coronavirus & COVID-19 Fact Sheet [Last updated: 4/30/20]

Recommended COVID-19 Response Plan for Construction Employers [Last updated: 5/4/20]



Sample Social Distancing Protocol for Construction Jobsites

Sample Policy

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COVID-19 Toolbox Talk (to order print copies, visit our Publications Catalogue)



COVID-19 Information and Tips for High-Risk Groups

Health Fair Program Recommendations During COVID-19 [Last updated: 4/30/20]


Lifelines Articles

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19) - March 2020  

Facing Our New Reality as the Novel Coronavirus Spreads - April 2020 - Download a PDF

COVID-19: Planning for Today and for Tomorrow - April 2020 - Download a PDF

Coronavirus and Its Impact on Our Mental Health - April 2020 - Download a PDF 

How to Speak Coronavirus: Know Your Terminology - April 2020 - Download a PDF

Maintaining Sobriety During Social Distancing - April 2020 - Download a PDF

Message from the Co-Chairmen: Looking for a Path Forward in Uncertain Times - May 2020

How Effective Are Masks and Other Facial Coverings at Stopping Coronavirus? - May 2020

Why We’re Using Physical Distancing to Fight COVID-19 - May 2020

Tips to Protect You and Your Family Financially from the Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - May 2020

What Construction Contractors Should Know About Federal OSHA and COVID-19 - May 2020

New Stressors Call for New Stress Management Techniques - May 2020

Teletherapy Is a Mental Health Game Changer - May 2020

Breaking the Chain of Infection - May 2020


Handwashing 101

Download: JPEG, PDF

COVID-19 Protection: N95s vs. Surgical Masks and Paper Masks

Download: JPEG, PDF

Help Flatten the Curve

Download: JPEG, PDF

Comparing COVID-19 Symptoms to Flu, Cold and Allergies

Download: JPEG, PDF

What Is Social Distancing?

Download: JPEG, PDF

How to Put on Personal Protective Equipment

Download: PDF

Facial Hair and Respirators

Download: JPEG, PDF

COVID-19 Frequency of Symptoms

Download: JPEG, PDF

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